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Drill of the Week: Half Field Passing Drill

Hi everyone,

we are happy to have our first guest post on the blog. We hope that many will follow Wolfgang “Wolfie” Grießl (Coach Munich Lacrosse) lead and help us to get more content on this site. Many thanks to Wolfie.

It is a half field passing drill, which can also be used for warmup. To those that attended our coaching camp, this drill is perfect for early work. Continue reading


Drill of the Week: 3 on 2 into 4 on 3

Hi everybody,

checking in from the Stuttgart Lacrosse East Coast Club House, we have another drill of the week for you. We found that drill on the internet a couple of years back, but I cannot find it anymore otherwise I would post the source.

We use that drill quite often in the beginning of practice to set a high-pace for the rest of the session. It is a fun drill to get players moving, communicating and focus on the practice while still having fun. Make sure you keep the pace very high and put pressure on the players to switch from offense to defense very fast.

The drill description can be found here: 3on2 into 4on3

Following this drill of the week, we will post a report from the U.S. Lacrosse Convention (#LaxCon) and afterwards finally finish our article about whether to work on plays or basics in practice. So make sure to check back or subscribe to the site.

Drill of the Week: Boxdrill

We wish you a Happy New Year and good luck for your upcoming preseason.

This week’s drill is the very basic boxdrill. If this drill is done properly, it teaches your players a lot of very important fundamentals (communication, approaching the ball, covering passing lanes, passing & catching, offball movement, stick protection – just to name a few). Sadly the drill does not have a good reputation among our players and can be quite exhausting. Because of that players often just fight through it and execute the drill very sloppy.  As a coach make sure to watch for proper execution and rather cut down the time for each repetition. Conditioning is just a bonus in this drill as there are more effective conditioning drills.

The drill description can be downloaded here: Boxdrill

Drill of the Week: Entry Pass Drill

Following our latest clearing drill we want to introduce a drill to practice the second part of the clear: the safe transition from the defense to the attack. Depending who you ask a clear is successful, when the ball into the offensive box or at the attack or even further once you got your offensive personal on the field. At the same time teams quite often practice clearing only to the midline. a common reason for that is, that they have to share the field with someone else.

In our new drill your team can practice in a high-rep drill on how to get the ball from the clearing midfielder to the attackman. Therefore the attackman needs to learn that they need to run to get the ball instead of waiting for it. It is a nice drill that can help your team on every level. Because as Coach Danowsky (Headcoach Duke Lacrosse) ones said: “There is no point in playing defense if you cannot clear the ball and bring it to the attack”. So to make sure your midfielders do not have to run double-shifts because they loose the ball on the entry pass to the attack implement this drill in your practice routines.

Have fun and let your attackmen run to get open. The drill can be found here: Entry Pass Drill

Drill of the Week: High Rep Clearing


We are happy to finish our template for the drill of the week series and publish our first drill of the week. You can print it out on an A4 page and bring it with you to practice. If you feel that more or different information is needed to run the drill properly, please comment on the post or write a message to jan.miofsky[at]gmail.com.

Drill of the week - Template (A PDF Version of this drill of the week can be found at the end of this post)

Drill of the week – Template (A PDF Version of this drill of the week can be found at the end of this post.)

Our first drill in this series is a clearing drill we developed for our team this season.


For young teams it is hard to find the right balance on how much time to spend in practice on clearing. It is often an area that is overlooked, because it will work well until you play a team on your level or better that is actually riding aggressively. That is when younger teams often struggle badly with clearing and rarely get the ball into the offensive half. (I am pretty sure that the team which played against us a few weeks ago will agree here.)

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