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Drill of the Week: 3 on 2 into 4 on 3

Hi everybody,

checking in from theĀ Stuttgart Lacrosse East Coast Club House, we have another drill of the week for you. We found that drill on the internet a couple of years back, but I cannot find it anymore otherwise I would post the source.

We use that drill quite often in the beginning of practice to set a high-pace for the rest of the session. It is a fun drill to get players moving, communicating and focus on the practice while still having fun. Make sure you keep the pace very high and put pressure on the players to switch from offense to defense very fast.

The drill description can be found here:Ā 3on2 into 4on3

Following this drill of the week, we will post a report from the U.S. Lacrosse Convention (#LaxCon) and afterwards finally finish our article about whether to work on plays or basics in practice. So make sure to check back or subscribe to the site.