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Drill of the Week: Entry Pass Drill

Following our latest clearing drill we want to introduce a drill to practice the second part of the clear: the safe transition from the defense to the attack. Depending who you ask a clear is successful, when the ball into the offensive box or at the attack or even further once you got your offensive personal on the field. At the same time teams quite often practice clearing only to the midline. a common reason for that is, that they have to share the field with someone else.

In our new drill your team can practice in a high-rep drill on how to get the ball from the clearing midfielder to the attackman. Therefore the attackman needs to learn that they need to run to get the ball instead of waiting for it. It is a nice drill that can help your team on every level. Because as Coach Danowsky (Headcoach Duke Lacrosse) ones said: “There is no point in playing defense if you cannot clear the ball and bring it to the attack”. So to make sure your midfielders do not have to run double-shifts because they loose the ball on the entry pass to the attack implement this drill in your practice routines.

Have fun and let your attackmen run to get open. The drill can be found here: Entry Pass Drill