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In our last blog article we mentioned plays and why it is rarely worth to spent time practicing them. In this article we want to introduce a concept we call „scripting“. This will most likely heavily overlap with what a lot of people see as a little play.

But first we want to thank Kuni for his great comment on our article about plays.

One big thing is because they assume a certain level of play both from the attack and the defense."

This is a very important aspect you need to consider when teaching players the game at our level. From a theory point you assume the opponent does his job well and you try to teach players how to counter that and what to look for. Continue reading


Is it worth to practice plays?

What we do in Stuttgart…

We just finished our season, took a step back and reflected. Last week we started brainstorming about the next year. Probably some more teams will use the summer break to start the planning for next year. So we figured it is a good time to get back to our blog and share some insight about basics and plays, which is long overdue anyways.

We also had some fruitful discussions with other coaches in Stuttgart about plays and how great they work and how easy you could score a goal with it, if everybody knows what to do. Continue reading

Drill of the Week: Half Field Passing Drill

Hi everyone,

we are happy to have our first guest post on the blog. We hope that many will follow Wolfgang “Wolfie” Grießl (Coach Munich Lacrosse) lead and help us to get more content on this site. Many thanks to Wolfie.

It is a half field passing drill, which can also be used for warmup. To those that attended our coaching camp, this drill is perfect for early work. Continue reading

Drill of the Week: Boxdrill

We wish you a Happy New Year and good luck for your upcoming preseason.

This week’s drill is the very basic boxdrill. If this drill is done properly, it teaches your players a lot of very important fundamentals (communication, approaching the ball, covering passing lanes, passing & catching, offball movement, stick protection – just to name a few). Sadly the drill does not have a good reputation among our players and can be quite exhausting. Because of that players often just fight through it and execute the drill very sloppy.  As a coach make sure to watch for proper execution and rather cut down the time for each repetition. Conditioning is just a bonus in this drill as there are more effective conditioning drills.

The drill description can be downloaded here: Boxdrill