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Drill of the Week: 2 on 2


this week we have a basic 2 on 2 drill, which we use mostly for fun. We rotate everybody through offense and defense, and focus on a high pace and only the most basic teaching points. For us this is proper crease movement. Your crease guys need to follow the slide, even though in a 2 on 2 scenario it might look much more appealing to pop out in a 45 degree angle. The problem with popping out is, that  you close down a through lane. So unless your 6 on 6 offense works with crease guys popping out, make sure you teach your crease guy to follow the slide.

The PDF of the drill to print out and bring to practice can be found here: Drill of the Week: 2 on 2

If you want to work on a certain skill and struggle with finding suitable drills to teach it, please comment or write us a message.


Lessons between the Lines: Our trip to the U.S. Lacrosse Convention

In January we spent some time in the U.S. While Eric was doing sightseeing in New York City, I spent time visiting friends in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia. But that is not what this blog article is about. The main destination of our trips was Baltimore, MD to attend the U.S. Lacrosse Convention.

Welcome to #laxcon

Welcome to #laxcon – We forgot our selfie stick, which is why we are not in the picture.

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